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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrate the arrival of Spring.

When it’s time to change our clocks in the Spring it can only mean one thing - longer days, daffodils, Easter baskets, deviled eggs, tulips and sunny/warm days are around the corner…well maybe around the block or two for those of us living in the NW but something to look forward to just the same.  

Each season can trigger a memory or special family tradition.  Spring to me is all about the scents; lilacs remind me of my mom and my backyard growing up where a huge lilac bush would bloom and permeate not only our yard but our home as well with fresh cut stems.
Just a few small changes in your home can create a fresh look to welcome a new season.  A few cut sprigs from the garden in a mason jar tied with a little ribbon can make a huge impact.  Many things are at your fingertips, and in your backyard~ 

Some of our new spring accents

New Spring Apparel

Crochet Poncho
Peasant Blouse
Lacy tunic, denim coat & crochet scarf
Cream tunic w/ rosette

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